Different Types of Power Tools

Nearly every household has a collection of power tools for the means of carrying out basic DIY projects and repairs. From various types of electrical power tools to numerous types of portable power tools, users can perform an array of tasks around the house in no time. As such, this blog will cover the 12 most common types of power tools you should have in your tool box.

A power tool is defined as a tool that is activated by a particular mechanism and utilizes a power source other than physical labor to function. To power these tools, electric motors are frequently used. As briefly mentioned in the introduction, power tools can be classified as electrical or portable power tools. Electrical power tools is the term used for stationary power tools used in metalworking, but is not applied to stationary power tools for woodworking. However, bench grinders and drill presses can be used in both instances.

There are a wide range of benefits to the mobility that portable power tools offer; whether you enjoy working with machines or need them for a construction project, portable power tools always come in handy. Such equipment include heat guns, power drills, nail guns, and various other options. Moreover, now that we have provided a general overview of power tools, we will begin by diving into those powered by electricity.

Electrical Power Tools

  1. Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches produce a large amount of torque and operate on the principle of compressed air. Like traditional wrenches, impact wrenches are used to loosen bolts on trucks and other vehicles.

  1. Lathe

Lathes serve as one of the most popular power tools used for shaping a multitude of materials, including wood and metal. These tools typically consist of a rotary motor that spins the workpiece against the cutting tool.

  1. Power Drills

Power drills take the cake for being the most frequently utilized electrical power tools. A drilling machine allows users to bore a hole in a wall, attach screws in solid spaces, and more. The two main types of power drills are impact drivers and hammer drills.

  1. Power Ratchet Set

A manual ratchet is a type of wrench that includes a fastener. Similar to a manual ratchet, a power ratchet wrench is good wherever tightening or loosening bolts and nuts is necessary.

  1. Power Sander

Sanding is one of the most important parts of woodworking because it eliminates dents, mill marks, and other faults. They can also be used to smooth out and shape uneven surfaces.

  1. Power Saw

Power saws have durable toothed edges that consist of a strong blade, wire, or chain that runs on a motor. Generally, they are used to cut or sever wood, metal, and stone, and they are available in a few types, including bandsaws, chainsaws, and jigsaws, among other models.

Portable Power Tools

  1. Circular Saw

Circular saws are characterized by their abrasive, sharp disc or blade that rotates to cut wood, plastic, brick, and metal. They are available in portable, wireless, wired, and hand-held types.

  1. Heat Guns

Heat guns, as their name implies, create hot air for a number of tasks, including defrosting frozen pipes, removing old paint, bending hard plastic, and more.

  1. Jigsaw

Also known as a bayonet saw, a jigsaw is the most powerful power instrument for cutting materials into a variety of forms.

  1. Nail Gun

Nails guns, or nailers, are used to drive nails into wood or other materials. Usually, they are employed in situations where a hand-held hammer fails to penetrate an item.

  1. Side Grinder

Also called angle grinders or disc grinders, side grinders are utilized to cut, grind, and polish metal and non-metal materials. To function optimally, they need a pressurized tool, a gasoline engine, or an electric motor.

  1. Wall Chaser

A wall chaser is a specialized tool designed to cut grooves or channels into walls so that electrical pipes or wiring can be installed with ease.


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