Industrial Pins and Their Benefits

If it were not for industrial pins, countless instances of fastening, aligning, integrating, and assembling two or more working components of machinery would not be possible. In fact, the various industries that rely on machinery for daily operations would quickly suffer without proper solutions to keep assemblies together and secure. It is remarkable to think how modern industries' most basic structural units are simply metallic, low-cost fasteners meant for the secure alignment of two discrete units.

This makes having a detailed analysis of efficiently engineered industrial pins necessary. Today's industrial fasteners often sport three structural components: a shaft, a head, and a tip. Their installation and removal can be achieved by both instant and quasi-permanent mechanisms, such as by using a spring-loaded tool that can lock the pins in their place. Let us now look more into the range and applications of commonly used industrial pins.

What Are the Different Types of Industrial Pins?

Today, industrial pins are designed with extreme precision to meet the unique requirements of modern industrial and aviation sectors. Industrial pins are available in many lengths and materials, such as wood, plastic and metal. Choosing a pin type depends on the specific demands it is supposed to fulfill. The most commonly used industrial pins are:

  • Clevis Fasteners

Clevis fasteners are a staple in the automotive, construction, and aircraft industries. These are hook or U-shaped fasteners containing two holes for securing a pin in place. These fasteners consist of three primary components: clevis, tang, and clevis pins, while an additional split pin can be used to secure the main pin. Clevis pins resemble bolts in many cases, with the only difference being that they may sometimes be semi-threaded. During installation, the tang fits within the clevis with the aid of a clevis pin. When the whole structure is fixed to a point, it can be called a shackle.

  • Hitch Pins

Designed to be used within a groove, hitch pins or hair cotters are often a necessary precautionary measure that decreases the risk of equipment becoming loose and causing damage to surrounding machinery. Most hitch pins are reusable and can be quickly installed for one-time use. The retainer should be the primary focus when considering the hitch pin’s application.

  • Grooved Pins

These pins derive their name from the three equidistant longitudinal grooves found along their length. Grooved pins are press-fit connectors compressed into a hole of the appropriate size, providing a suitable interference fitting due to their non-threaded nature. They are packed or rolled in a controlled manner into a cylindrical body to compress the pin stock. The locking press-fit nature is obtained when this pin is forced into a drilled hole of the appropriate diameter. A straight drilling hole is needed for the pin fit, obviating the need for reaming.

The material most commonly used for making grooved pins is C-40 (aka EN-8). Unless requested otherwise by a customer, they are supplied with a natural finish in soft condition. Generally, grooved pins are available in the size ranges of 5-150 mm in length and 2-16 mm in diameter.

  • Dowel Pins

Dowel pins are cylindrical fasteners used extensively in modern machinery to secure the alignment of two discrete units of an assembly. Dowel pins are most commonly used and associated with socket screws. They can enable a socket screw to withstand extreme tensile stress by absorbing shear loads in a given application.


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