The Primary Types of Automotive Filters

Filters are components that are regularly implemented within vehicles for their protection. As fibrous mesh materials that are installed within various assemblies, automotive filters function to capture particles of matter such as dirt or sand so that they are removed from systems before they cause corrosion or damage. Due to the high importance that automotive filters serve for the overall health of an automobile, it can be useful to be aware of the most common types that may be found within them.

Engine Air Filter

With the engine air filter, the combustion chamber can be protected from any contaminants or impurities that may exist within captured air. By removing such impurities, the combustion process is smoother and the engine will continue to operate efficiently. As contaminants can lower the performance of a car by disrupting the combustion process, the automotive air filters found within the engine are crucial for maintaining fuel-efficiency.

The two most common contaminants that may be found within engine air is dust and dirt, both of which can naturally accumulate from regular driving. If one operates their vehicle often in polluted or dusty areas, their engine air filter will need to be cleaned or replaced much more frequently. When cleaning the filter, one only needs to pull it out and utilize the air hose provided near the engine to remove any debris. As this will only remove contaminants, air filters will still need to be replaced as necessary. Generally speaking, engine air filters should be replaced once a year, and that duration is shorter the more polluted or dusty an area is.

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin automotive air filters do not affect the overall performance of the car, instead being a benefit to the driver and passengers themselves. With the implementation of cabin air filters, contaminants and debris are removed from the system so that any irritants or harmful particles do not pass into the cabin to be breathed in by individuals. Similar to the engine air filter, cabin air filters should be replaced on a yearly basis or in shorter intervals when in dusty or polluted areas.

Oil Filter

The oil filter is a robust component of the vehicle, ensuring that oil is free of any debris for the performance of the vehicle and service life of the engine. As the metallic parts of engines are in constant motion during standard operations, their friction can cause metal shavings to build up over time. As these shavings can be very detrimental to the health of the engine, the oil filter serves to remove all such particles. Oil filters are regularly cleaned during a standard oil change procedure.

Transmission Filter

As transmission fluids are crucial for the ability of an automobile to drive wheel assemblies, transmission filters are regularly implemented within related equipment to remove any debris or contaminants in fluids. Often placed above the transmission fluid pan, transmission fluids are forced through the filter to ensure that any contaminants are captured early. Regularly replacing the transmission filter on time is crucial for the health of the vehicle as excess debris can be highly detrimental to gears.

Fuel Filter

Similar to the oil filter, fuel filters are paramount to the health of the engine and vehicle. Unlike other automotive filters, fuel filters will act differently depending on whether they are used for petroleum or diesel engines. For gasoline engines, the fuel filter will provide the standard functionality of capturing any contaminants or particles for removal. With diesel engines on the other hand, the filter is designed like a bowl so that it can also collect any built up water. Water is lighter than diesel, and it can detract from the performance of the engine and may cause serious problems if it enters the fuel system.

With the regular cleaning and replacement of all automotive filters, automobiles can best be protected from the detrimental effects of contaminants and unwanted materials. When you are searching for reliable automotive air filters, transmission filters, fuel filters, and other such supplies, look no further than Industrials Unlimited. As a premier purchasing platform for industrial supplies, we are your sourcing solution for top quality industrial OEM equipment, industrial fasteners, automobile components, and much more. Explore our expansive listings today and receive a competitive quote in 15 minutes or less upon the submission of an Instant RFQ form.


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