What Are Different Types of Temperature Transmitters?

Temperature transmitters are electronic devices used to send a temperature measurement over two wires to a separate processing unit. Utilized in industrial manufacturing as a means of process control, temperature transmitters provide feedback regarding heat measurements at varying stages of the manufacturing process. To do this, these transmitters pick up small electrical signals from the temperature sensor, such as a thermocouple, and convert them into more readable signals to calculate heat levels.

In most cases, these signals are sent to a kind of programmatic logic controller (PLC) or receiver. It is important to note that transmitters are typically designed to accept and deliver many different types of inputs and outputs. As such, temperature transmitters can be designed according to the application at hand, all of which have several types of mounting set-ups.

There are three broad categories of temperature transmitters, those of which include weather-proof and explosion-proof transmitters, DIN rail or panel mount transmitters, and head mount transmitters. Meanwhile, there are three kinds of mounting set-ups, including rail mounting, field mounting, and head mounting. As some are named after the mounting method used, there is an overlap between types.

Weather-Proof and Explosion-Proof Transmitters

In applications that require transmitters to withstand the wear and tear that comes with continuous exposure to weather and other elements, weather-proof and explosion-proof transmitters are great options. Equipped with an external closure made of stainless steel or other explosion-proof materials, these transmitters are sealed tightly to protect internal components. Within the assembly, the transmitter is divided into two small chambers: one containing a sensor and the other containing electronics for calculating temperature and transmitting a new signal. Additionally, they offer a high level of accuracy and can be adjusted, and easily monitored.

Panel Mount or DIN Rail Mount Transmitters

This type of temperature transmitter is utilized to mount switches, relays, and transmitters. The rail consists of a piece of metal that has been shaped to enable the transmitter to be attached with the use of a spring clip, that of which slides into a clearance in the metal rail and secures itself. The metal rail affixed with the transmitter can be mounted to a panel or a wall. Due to their low cost and versatile design, DIN rail transmitters can be used with many different sensors.

Head Mount Transmitters

Head mount transmitters, on the other hand, integrate a transmitter into the exterior housing of a sensor. With this design, they are easy to install and necessitate little wiring as the sensor serves as a sensor head transmitter.

Field Mounting Transmitters

The last type that will be covered in this blog is a field mounting transmitter. Installed with its own exterior housing that allows it to be used “in the field” where conditions require extra protection, field mounting transmitters are ideal for high-performance industrial operations. More than that, they can be positioned near the sensor to increase the strength of a signal.


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