What Are Industrial Air Compressors?

Industrial air compressors are versatile devices that provide pressurized air for a myriad of industry applications. They work by utilizing either an electric motor or a diesel or gasoline-powered engine to convert power into potential energy that can be stored in pressurized air. As industrial compressors are used for many operations, it is important to select an air compressor that can deliver the desired results. With this in mind, we will provide a brief overview of industrial air compressors, how they work, and the various types currently available.

When selecting an air compressor, you should consider a few factors. You must keep in mind the particular mobility requirements of the unit, where the unit will be placed, the drive system type, storage tank size, and the power needed for your application. As such, there are a variety of industrial air compressors to choose from, all of which are equipped to serve different needs.

The first type is called a reciprocating air compressor which is the most common, and such systems are powered by a reciprocating piston that moves air into the compression chamber. As reciprocating air compressors contain several moving parts that continuously grind on one another, they generate a lot of noise, friction, and heat. Nonetheless, they are a cost-effective option for small to medium-sized applications. 

Next, a rotary screw compressor is another type which is defined by its power and noise reduction characteristics. As such, rotary screw compressors are especially ideal for heavy-duty applications that necessitate a constant concentration of pressurized air. More than that, they are energy-saving units, allowing operators to perform powder coating and sandblasting tasks.

Rotary claw compressors are a third type that are air-cooled, dry-running, and non-contacting. The non-contact design provides protection against internal wear and necessitates little to no maintenance. Due to its air-cooled operational qualities, there are no water levels to check. Moreover, the pumping chamber within the compressors requires no sealing or lubrication.

Vacuum pumps and air compressors work very similarly, making vacuum pumps the next type that will be covered in this blog. As vacuum pumps offer flow rates that rely on the pressure on both ends of the pump, they allow for the combined compression and evacuation of a compressed fluid. They are an especially feasible option as they have lower power consumption than conventional air compressors.

Lastly, oil-free compressors are a variation of air compressors that are quiet, efficient, and as their name suggests, oil-free. They are ideal for applications in laboratory environments, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and various others that necessitate oil-free air. Due to the absence of oil, they rarely require maintenance.

While we have covered the most common types and their applications, other industries that utilize these useful devices include food and beverage production, mining, metal fabrication, furniture construction, and aerospace facilities. When it comes to selection, looking at the particular job at hand is important and acquiring top-quality air compressors should be a priority.

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