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At Industrials Unlimited, our goal is to make the parts procurement process easier than it has ever been. Part of this is making the process of finding the exact part you need as fast as possible. To do this, we provide specific subcategories along with each part category in our vast inventory. For example, if you are searching for parts such as 006215, 054062, 090COLU1212, 106355, 106368, you will find them here in the subcategory Float Rods.

At Industrials Unlimited, we provide each customer with access to a vast, diverse, and highly streamlined inventory which contains a broad range of industrial and automation parts. Furthermore, if you need parts not in our inventory, they can be sourced and shipped directly to you through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At Industrials Unlimited, our goal is not only to improve the purchasing experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
006215 Float Rod, For 2P550 Zoeller RFQ
054062 Float Rod Zoeller RFQ
090COLU1212 Float Rod Dayton RFQ
106355 Float Rod , Use With 4XK40 Little Giant RFQ
106368 Float Rod Little Giant RFQ
106381 Float Rod Little Giant RFQ
109-853 Float Rod, 5/16-18, 12 In L, Brass Zoro Select RFQ
109-855 Float Rod, 3/8-16, 12 In L, Brass Zoro Select RFQ
118684 Aro #118684 Specifications Aro RFQ
118685 Aro #118685 Specifications Aro RFQ
118686 Aro #118686 Specifications Aro RFQ
118687 Aro #118687 Specifications Aro RFQ
118688 Aro #118688 Specifications Aro RFQ
118689 Aro #118689 Specifications Aro RFQ
118690 Aro #118690 Specifications Aro RFQ
118691 Aro #118691 Specifications Aro RFQ
118692 Aro #118692 Specifications Aro RFQ
118693 Aro #118693 Specifications Aro RFQ
118694 Aro #118694 Specifications Aro RFQ
71027-1 Rods(Two), 71027-1 Aro RFQ
72022-1 Rod, 72022-1 Aro RFQ
72179-6 Rod, 72179-6 Aro RFQ
90107-1 Rod, Valve, 90107-1 Aro RFQ
90163-8 Rod, 90163-8 Aro RFQ
9049A6S Center Hole Float/Rod Assembly, Round, 7In Square D RFQ
9049ER1 Float Rod, 1-3/4 In, SS Square D By Schneider Electric RFQ
9049ER5 Float Rod, 5-1/4 In, SS Square D By Schneider Electric RFQ
91569-1 Rod, Piston, 91569-1 Aro RFQ
92094-1 Rod, 92094-1 Aro RFQ
92094-3 Rod, 92094-3 Aro RFQ
92094-4 Rod, 92094-4 Aro RFQ
92228-1 Valve Rod, 92228-1 Aro RFQ
92629-1 Rod, Extensn, 92629-1 Aro RFQ
93232-1 Rod, 93232-1 Aro RFQ
93232-2 Rod, 93232-2 Aro RFQ
93345-1 Rod, Tie, 93345-1 Aro RFQ
93346-1 Rod, Tie, 93346-1 Aro RFQ
93346-2 Rod, Tie, 93346-2 Aro RFQ
93347-1 Rod, Tie, 93347-1 Aro RFQ
93348-1 Tie Rod, 93348-1 Aro RFQ
93348-2 Rod, Tie, 93348-2 Aro RFQ
93580-1 Rod, Tie, 93580-1 Aro RFQ
93580-2 Rod, Tie, 93580-2 Aro RFQ
93956-1 Valve Rod, 93956-1 Aro RFQ
93956-2 Valve Rod, 93956-2 Aro RFQ
93959-1 Rod, Primer, 93959-1 Aro RFQ
93959-2 Rod, Primer, 93959-2 Aro RFQ
95502 Piston Rod, 3"" Air Mtr, 95502 Aro RFQ
95589 Tie Rod, 95589 Aro RFQ
95710 Rod, 95710 Aro RFQ
95713 Rod, 95713 Aro RFQ
95717 Rod, 95717 Aro RFQ
95852 Spool (Rod, Port), 95852 Aro RFQ
95873 Piston Rod, 95873 Aro RFQ
95907 Tie Rod, 95907 Aro RFQ
96038 Tie Rod, 96038 Aro RFQ
96063 Rod, 96063 Aro RFQ
96066 Piston Rod, 96066 Aro RFQ
96136 Rod, 96136 Aro RFQ
96237 Rod, Valve, 96237 Aro RFQ
96394 Rod, 96394 Aro RFQ
96474 Rod, 96474 Aro RFQ
96522-2 Pump Rod, One-Piecefor 8In Air Mtr, 4Ball Aro RFQ
96540-1 Rod, Extension, 96540-1 Aro RFQ
96540-2 Rod, Extension, 96540-2 Aro RFQ
96540-3 Rod, Extension, 96540-3 Aro RFQ
96540-4 Rod, Extension, 96540-4 Aro RFQ
96540-5 Extension Rod, 96540-5 Aro RFQ
96626 Trip Rod, 96626 Aro RFQ
96648 Trip Rod, 96648 Aro RFQ
96730 Piston Rod, 96730 Aro RFQ
96911 Rod, Piston, 96911 Aro RFQ
96912 Rod, Piston, 96912 Aro RFQ
96913 Rod, Piston, 96913 Aro RFQ
96914 Rod, Piston, 96914 Aro RFQ
96915 Rod, Piston, 96915 Aro RFQ
97070 Rod, Control, 3In, 97070 Aro RFQ
97071 Rod, Control, 2In, 97071 Aro RFQ
97072 Rod, Control, 1.5Inre Mining Diaphragm Pum Aro RFQ
97083-1 Rod, Piston, 97083-1 Aro RFQ
97083-2 Rod, Piston, 97083-2 Aro RFQ
97126 Tie Rod, 97126 Aro RFQ
97172 Rod, Piston, 97172 Aro RFQ
9D00080809 Float Rod 8 Danco RFQ
9D00088647 Float Rod 10 Danco RFQ
F206-4 Rod, F206-4 Aro RFQ
F229-9 Rod, F229-9 Aro RFQ
PP23045 Float Rod 8""L Plumb Pak RFQ
PP835-5 Float Rod Brass Plumb Pak RFQ
PP835-70 Float Rod Brass Plumb Pak RFQ
SR03 Float Rod, 1/4-20 In, 3 In L, SS Kerick RFQ
SR06 Float Rod, 1/4-20 In, 6 In L, SS Kerick RFQ
SR08 Float Rod, 1/4-20 In, 8 In L, SS Kerick RFQ
SR10 Float Rod, 1/4-20 In, 10 In L, SS Kerick RFQ
SR12 Float Rod, 1/4-20 In, 12 In L, SS Kerick RFQ
SR16 Float Rod, 5/16-18 In, 16 In L, SS Kerick RFQ

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