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At Industrials Unlimited, our goal is to make the parts procurement process easier than it has ever been. Part of this is making the process of finding the exact part you need as fast as possible. To do this, we provide specific subcategories along with each part category in our vast inventory. For example, if you are searching for parts such as 0010-021RP, 0010-022RP, 0010-025RP, 001011, 001072, you will find them here in the subcategory Pump Parts.

At Industrials Unlimited, we provide each customer with access to a vast, diverse, and highly streamlined inventory which contains a broad range of industrial and automation parts. Furthermore, if you need parts not in our inventory, they can be sourced and shipped directly to you through our international supply chain network that spans the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At Industrials Unlimited, our goal is not only to improve the purchasing experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
0010-021RP Cartridge, For 4JB26, 4PC77 Taco RFQ
0010-022RP Cartridge, For 3GZV4, 4JB27 Taco RFQ
0010-025RP Casing Valve Assembly, Plastic Taco RFQ
001011 Gasket Zoeller RFQ
001072 Guide Assembly Zoeller RFQ
0011-009RP Cartridge, For 4PC78 Taco RFQ
0012-006RP O-Ring, 0012-006RP Taco RFQ
0012-011RP Cartridge, For 4PC80 Taco RFQ
0012-012RP Cartridge, For 3GZV6, 4PC79 Taco RFQ
0014-003RP Cartridge, For 3GZV8, 4PC83 Taco RFQ
0014-004RP Cartridge, For 4PC84 Taco RFQ
002474 Relay Zoeller RFQ
002570 Impeller Zoeller RFQ
002690 Base Assembly Zoeller RFQ
003-001RP Cartridge, For 4PC85, 4PC86 Taco RFQ
003093 Quick Disc. 1/4x3/8 Hose Bar Oatey RFQ
003402 Seal, Through Wall Zoeller RFQ
003575 Capacitor Assembly Zoeller RFQ
003644 Impeller, Plastic, For 2P547 Zoeller RFQ
004-020045 Body 1/4 In Zoro Select RFQ
004-471116 Zinc Pipe Zoro Select RFQ
004-471332 Stainless Steel Pipe Zoro Select RFQ
004-471333 Pipe, Stainless Steel Zoro Select RFQ
004700 Power Cord Zoeller RFQ
004704 Arm and Seal Zoeller RFQ
004705 Mechanical Switch Zoeller RFQ
004740 Mechanical Switch Zoeller RFQ
004744 Mechanical Switch Zoeller RFQ
004745 Arm and Seal Assembly Zoeller RFQ
004755 Mechanical Switch Zoeller RFQ
005-019RP Cartridge, For 4P975, 5P427 Taco RFQ
005-020026 Body 3/8 Zoro Select RFQ
005-650213 Repair Kit Zoro Select RFQ
005080-GIS Seal Kit Barnes RFQ
005080SD-GIS Shaft Seal Sc/sc/b Dayton RFQ
006224 Plastic Impeller Zoeller RFQ
007-003RP Casing O-Ring, 007-003RP Taco RFQ
007-045RP Cartridge, For 3GZV2, 3GZV9, 4JB23, 4PC89 Taco RFQ
007642 Capacitor Zoeller RFQ
008-005RP Casing O-Ring, 008-005RP Taco RFQ
008-045RP Cartridge, For 3GZV5, 3GZW5, 4PC91 Taco RFQ
008948 Kit-Repair, 12""x24"" Urethane Oatey RFQ
009-021RP Cartridge, For 4JB24, 4PC94 Taco RFQ
009-022RP Cartridge, For 3GZV3, 3GZW1, 4JB25, 4PC93 Taco RFQ
00R-002RP Cartridge, For 2KGX7 Taco RFQ
010048 Panel Assembly Control, Jt 50Psi H20 Oatey RFQ
011-650006 Repair Kit Zoro Select RFQ
0111-509 Barksdale #0111-509 Specifications Barksdale RFQ
0111-510 Barksdale #0111-510 Specifications Barksdale RFQ
0111-534 Barksdale #0111-534 Specifications Barksdale RFQ
0112-1109 Barksdale #0112-1109 Specifications Barksdale RFQ
0112-1110 Barksdale #0112-1110 Specifications Barksdale RFQ
012100 AIR-LOC Fan Assembly Oatey RFQ
013008 Hose Assembly 12 ft. Quick Disc Jt Oatey RFQ
01322 Control Valve Assem Service Kit Sta Rite RFQ
014896 Grommet Barnes RFQ
015-471345 Stainless Steel Pipe Zoro Select RFQ
015098000 Sleeve Stainless Steel U1 Pumps Spx RFQ
016-650016 Repair Kit Zoro Select RFQ
01609-A Washer, 3/8 In Dayton RFQ
017363 Pipe Plug Barnes RFQ
017414-GIS Ball Bearing Dayton RFQ
018386-GIS O-Ring Dayton RFQ
019213 Diaphragm Barnes RFQ
01928 Capscrew, 3/8-16 x 1 In Dayton RFQ
019289-GIS Tetra Seal Dayton RFQ
019321 Vane Vacuum Pump Cherne RFQ
020053 Bearing Zoro Select RFQ
020054 Base Flint And Amp Walling RFQ
020240 O-Ring Flint And Amp Walling RFQ
020329 Base, Utility, 1/4 Hp Dayton RFQ
020346 Switch, Pressure, 30/50, 1/4 In. Nptm Dayton RFQ
021301-R Cover, Motor w/Screws Zoro Select RFQ
021617 Nozzle, Water Lily Dayton RFQ
021619 Nozzle, Water Trumpet Dayton RFQ
021622 O-Ring Dayton RFQ
021713 Pump End Dayton RFQ
021740 Motor, 1/2 Hp, 115V Dayton RFQ
022467 Adapter, 1-1/4 Npt x 3/4 Nh Dayton RFQ
022517 Motor 230V, 3/4 hp Dayton RFQ
022828 Coupling-Qd, Hydraulic 1/2 Oatey RFQ
022919 Splice Kit Dayton RFQ
022985 Motor 230V Dayton RFQ
022986 Motor 230V Dayton RFQ
023000 Pump End Dayton RFQ
023257-GIS Motor, 1hp, 3600,230V, 1ph Barnes RFQ
023501 Spring Barnes RFQ
023701 Seal Barnes RFQ
024334 Impeller 3.69 Barnes RFQ
025756 Seal Spacer Barnes RFQ
026155 Set Screw Barnes RFQ
026210-GIS Flange Dayton RFQ
026358 Gauge Kit Mounting Hardware/Instructions Cherne RFQ
026857 Nut, Gland Barnes RFQ
027269-GIS O-Ring Dayton RFQ
027271 Handle Dayton RFQ
027344-GIS Gasket Dayton RFQ
030098000 Sleeve Stainless Steel U1 Pumps Spx RFQ
030369 Motor Barnes RFQ
030369MA Motor Barnes RFQ
030938 Hose Assembly, Bypass Intake Oatey RFQ
031.039.000 Sleeve And Spool Set Warren Rupp RFQ
031.139.000 Sleeve And Spool Set Warren Rupp RFQ
031.150.000 Sleeve And Spool Set Warren Rupp RFQ
031198 Hose, Discharge 12ft Oatey RFQ
033730 O-Ring Dayton RFQ
034019 Float Zoeller RFQ
034046 Gasket Cover Zoeller RFQ
034086 Guide Assembly Zoeller RFQ
035-020087 Body Zoro Select RFQ
035-021101 Threaded Sleeve Dayton RFQ
035268 Hose Asy-25ft., Triple, Qd Ends Oatey RFQ
035864 Capacitor Dayton RFQ
036150490 Cassette, PTFE, SS, 14.08 gpd Heidolph RFQ
036150500 Cassette, PTFE, SS, 10.27 gpd Heidolph RFQ
036150510 Cassette, PTFE, SS, 138.47 gpd Heidolph RFQ
036303550 Foot Pedal, PTFE Heidolph RFQ
036304360 Fitting for Extension, PTFE, 7/64 in. Conn Heidolph RFQ
036304370 Fitting for Extension, PTFE, 1/32 in. Conn Heidolph RFQ
036391-GIS Capacitor Dayton RFQ
038132 Hex Nut, 5/8-18 Dayton RFQ
039718 Control Unit, Hypro 9910-Gs40Gi Cherne RFQ
039734 Bearing Dayton RFQ
039858 Capacitor Bracket Dayton RFQ
042208 O Ring, Hypro, 9910-550350 Cherne RFQ
042218 Hypro Lower Air Chamber Body, 9910-622070 Cherne RFQ
042238 Gasket Seal O Ring, Hypro, 9910-320511 Cherne RFQ
042268 Assembly, Hypro, Left Head Cherne RFQ
042278 Control Unit Parts Kit, Hypro, 9910-1757 Cherne RFQ
042288 O Ring, Hypro, 9910-620030 Cherne RFQ
042308 Suction Manifold, Hypro, 9910-620150 Cherne RFQ
04231 Suction Sleeve Barnes RFQ
042328 Suction Diaphragm, Hypro, 9910-650670 Cherne RFQ
042338 Valve Kit, Hypro, 9910-Kit 1917 Cherne RFQ
042348 O-Ring Kit, Hypro, 9910-Kit 1916 Cherne RFQ
04235 Capscrew, 3/8-16 x 1.25 In., ZP Dayton RFQ
042378 O Ring, Hypro, 9910-390060 Cherne RFQ
042418 O-Ring, Cylinder Head Cherne RFQ
043338 Hose Assembly, 22ft. Single w/Qds Oatey RFQ
048468 Gauge-Protected, 160 psi, 1/4 NPT Cherne RFQ
050.028.600 Balls Warren Rupp RFQ
051447 Gland Nut Dayton RFQ
051765 Cord Set w/o Plug, 15 Ft. 3 In Barnes RFQ
052963 Grommet Dayton RFQ
053165 Cord 25 Ft Barnes RFQ
053276 Impeller 7.00 In. Dia Barnes RFQ
053749 Conduit Bushing Dayton RFQ
053756 Washer Dayton RFQ
05501-0001 O-Ring Sta Rite RFQ
055058 Gauge, 0-30 psi, Retard Boxed Cherne RFQ
055348 Vacuum Hose And Gauge Assy Cherne RFQ
055400 Volute Dayton RFQ
057882 Retaining Ring Dayton RFQ
058058 Hose-Inflation, Large Plug 30ft Oatey RFQ
060052001 Nut Rotor Jam Waukesha & Ampco Spx Waukesha RFQ
060098000 Sleeve Stainless Steel U1 Pumps Spx RFQ
060306001 Seal Inner Carbon 60-134 2-Pc U & Ampco Zp1 Spx Waukesha RFQ
061143 Retaining Ring Dayton RFQ
061829 Exclusion Seal Dayton RFQ
062435-GIS Shaft Seal C/c/b Barnes RFQ
062435SD Shaft Seal Sc/sc/b Dayton RFQ
062557 Standard Cord, 25 Ft Barnes RFQ
062941 SS Flatwasher, 5/16 Dayton RFQ
063098 Washer Universalock Part No. Ulw Oatey RFQ
06577 A&M W/S Blk 1/4X1/2X10 M D Building Products RFQ
06593 A&M W/S Blk 1/4X3/4X10 M D Building Products RFQ
066071 Friction Ring Barnes RFQ
066072 Grommet Barnes RFQ
06635 A&M W/S Blk 3/8X3/4X10 M D RFQ
066871 Grommet Dayton RFQ
066908-GIS U Cup Dayton RFQ
067556 Washer Dayton RFQ
067562 Seal, Shaft Barnes RFQ
067562SD-GIS Shaft Seal Sc/sc/b Dayton RFQ
067564 Tetra Seal Dayton RFQ
068053-GIS Exclusion Seal Dayton RFQ
068540A Volute Dayton RFQ
068926BS Motor, 115V, 1/2hp Dayton RFQ
068928 Motor Barnes RFQ
068928BS Motor, 208-230 1hp 1ph Dayton RFQ
068984-GIS Gasket Dayton RFQ
068988 Shaft Seal Barnes RFQ
068988-GIS Shaft Seal C/ce/b Barnes RFQ
068988SD Shaft Seal Sc/sc/b Dayton RFQ
069655-GIS Plastic Impeller Barnes RFQ
070.012.170 Bushing Warren Rupp RFQ
070704 Socket Head Screw, 1/4-20 x 3/4, SS Dayton RFQ
070713SD-GIS Assembly, Shaft Seal Dayton RFQ
070963-GIS Capacitor Dayton RFQ
070965-GIS Capacitor Dayton RFQ
071352 Motor Barnes RFQ
071355BS Motor, 208-230/460 1hp 3ph Dayton RFQ
072048 O-Ring Glass To Cap, Hypro, 9910-550040 Cherne RFQ
072648 Cap-Oil Tank, Hypro, 9910-1040322 Cherne RFQ
075-231-382-08 Motor, 7.5hp, 3500 Rpm, Tefc Dayton RFQ
076120A Cover Accessories Barnes RFQ
076149-GIS Flexible Pipe Fitting Barnes RFQ
079318-GIS Wire Connector Dayton RFQ
08105 Slinger Washer Dayton RFQ
082085A Shredding Ring Dayton RFQ

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