Types of Motor Mounts

Essential for any machinery powered by a motor, motor mounts, also known as engine mounts, are used to connect a motor to a chassis. Maximizing shock absorption, sound absorption, and limiting vibrations experienced by an engine system during operation, differing types of motor mounts are designed to give every engine the security it needs. To familiarize yourself with the various types of engine mounts, we will discuss what common options are available, their pros, and cons.

Solid Mounts

Also known as transmission mounts, solid mounts are constructed from rubber cushions and can often be found in cars and trucks. Bolted to the engine transmission and chassis through the use of steel-backed plates, all combined parts help to reduce shock to the system, increase flexibility for a range of movement, and prolong the life of the vehicle’s engine and any connected components. Despite their capabilities, solid mounts are prone to eventual wear and tear, especially under heavy loads. Resulting in the deterioration of cushioning, worn mounts of this variety will produce more movement and weaken a motor’s performance.

Hydraulic Motor Mounts

Commonly referred to as hydro motor mounts, hydraulic motor mounts are designed to dampen and absorb unwanted vibrations before they reach the chassis. Filled with a liquid or fluid gel, the combined products that make up a hydro motor allow specified machinery to operate on a wide range of conditions while producing minimal noise. Regularly found in the construction, automotive, and marine industries due to their robust applications, hydro mounts are also known for their higher production costs. Though not as budget-friendly as solid mounts, hydro mounts made from high-quality materials provide robust mounting qualities that can function for a prolonged period of time if properly maintained. Without the proper maintenance of such mounts, unchecked damage or prolonged wear can lead to fluid leaks or a potential system collapse.

Metal Motor Mounts

Forging a secure bond between the engine and chassis, metal motor mounts are a great option for systems that require power and rigidity under heavy loads. Though optimal for transferring large amounts of power and weight, because of their metal-on-metal connections, metal mounts are susceptible to producing vibrations and noise.

Electronic Motor Mounts

Electric motor mounts, like hydro motor mounts, can vary in their properties. Depending on a vehicle's load and speed, this type of mount can be adjusted to fit a desired stiffness and damping level for reduced noise and vibration. Monitored through the use of sensors and various control networks, vehicle data is accumulated and adjusted by a vacuum-actuator or counter-shake device.

Polyurethane (PU) Motor Mounts

Unlike the aforementioned engine mount types, polyurethane motor mounts are an alternative to solid motor mounts when enhanced performance is needed. Combining rubber and solid steel mounting materials, polyurethane motor mounts form to create a product with capabilities that improve engine performance, provide a better feel of the road, and are highly resistant to common automotive chemicals and debris. Although, as PU mounts have a tendency for low heat resistance, they are typically used as replacements for worn rubber factor motor mounts.

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