The Difference between Ball Valve and Globe Valve Components

A valve is a device that is common to fluid applications, serving to direct or control the flow of fluids within a system. To do this, valves may open, close, or obstruct various pathways, and they come in numerous types and designs to accommodate a diverse set of needs. Ball and globe valves are both primary types of valve components, each of which differ from one another in terms of operations and design. To help you best find an optimal fit for your particular fluid applications, we will discuss both in this blog.

A ball valve features a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball within its assembly, allowing for the flow of a fluid to be effectively managed. When the ball is aligned with the flow inlet, the valve is considered to be open. When the ball is pivoted-90 degrees, it then is considered closed and will block fluid flow. To determine the position of a ball valve from the exterior, one may look at the handle. When the valve is open, the handle should be situated flat and in alignment with flow. Meanwhile, the handle will be perpendicular when the valve is closed.

 There are numerous advantages to ball valves, and they are known for being durable, capable of maintaining performance through many cycles, and able to effectively close after long periods of not being used. With such qualities, ball valves are often relied on for both shutoff and control applications, excelling over globe valves. As compared to such types, however, ball valves are unable to reach the fine control that is needed for throttling applications. Nevertheless, their 1,000 bar pressure support, operating temperature max of 752 °F, and ease of operating still makes them extremely beneficial for a number of operations.

Globe valves are also a great choice for regulating flow within a pipeline, and such components feature a movable plug or disc element that is paired with a stationary ring seat within a spherical housing. Globe valves are named as such due to the shape of their body, and each half of the body is separated by an internal baffle. The baffle then has an opening that creates the seat for the movable plug to be screwed in for closing the valve. Also known as the disc, the plug is attached to a stem so that manual operation may be provided through the adjustment of a handwheel. If the globe valve is automated, then smooth stems are used in lieu of threaded stems, and an actuator assembly manages open and closed positions. With their various features, globe valves have established themselves as an industry norm, often finding use in cooling water systems, fuel oil systems, feedwater systems, boiler and main steam vents, turbine lube oil systems, and more.

Differing from one another , the choice between each will often depend on the application and its requirements. While ball valves are robust, stable, firm in closing, and continue to operate efficiently across several cycles, globe valves surpass them in terms of throttling applications. For ball valves, such components may be an optimal alternative for shut-off applications. No matter your needs, Industrial Unlimited has everything you require ready for purchase on our website today.

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